Better Initiation

Representing a vast unrivaled range of products, Energetix Solutions has a vast range of solutions for applications based on the most stringent product specifications.

Unlock the power

Energetix Solutions’ Electric Igniters are adaptable to a wide variety of customer requirements. Our designs allow you to make specific selections regarding electrical resistance, no-fire current, all-fire current, output pressure, interface type and connections without any impact to the firing characteristics.

Light weight, heavy hitting

Electric Igniters are very lightweight devices designed with various bridgewire resistances, and yet they pack a punch, using a proven range of pyrogen or pyrotechnic initiation composition charges, creating output reactions of hot particles, flames or high pressure gasses. Full function typically occurs from approximately 0.5 milliseconds to 10 seconds from the input of the firing signal.

Safe and Reliable

Superior design for superior performance

All Electric Igniters include interfaces that are easy to integrate with sub-assemblies, and various protective features against shocks, impact, and friction, electro static discharge, shielding and electromagnetic interferences.

Higher auto ignition temperature of the fusehead also provides a superior level of safety.

Currently undergoing Hazard of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance (HERO) evaluation, the HPP Series of Electric Initiator also offers superior no-fire current level. MIL-DTL-23659E compliant, this Series also offers a high level of safety.

Safety and reliability has been the hallmark of Energetix Solutions’ Electric Igniters for over two decades.

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