True #8 Strength Detonator

This type of Electric Detonator is rated high-end # 8 strength by passing the Trauzl lead block test (as detailed in the United Nations “Transport of Dangerous Goods, Manual of Tests and Criteria”, test series F.4).

The detonator contains a sleeved medium intensity fusehead, insuring uniform initiation, a primer composition and a PETN base charge of 0.8g. The charge is pressed in increments of 50mg and loaded under sufficient pressure (of about 10 Kpsi.). A uniform loading density is achieved using a proprietary spiral loading method. Duplex 24awg solid bare copper wires with PVC insulation are soldered to the fusehead and crimped into the aluminum shell with a PVC closure plug. The detonator electrical circuit is at all time shunted.

The #8 strength, instant 0 delay detonator provides effective, accurate and highly reliable initiation for a vast range of applications. For many years, this detonator is the prime source for general purpose blasting and industrial applications as well as precise laboratory testing, accurate quality assurance and calibrations.

Electrical Characteristics

Bridgewire resistance 0.9Ω
No fire current 0.3A
All fire current 0.55A
Recommended current in series 1.35A
Max. no fire energy 1.5mJ/Ω
Min. Operating energy 4.1mJ/Ω

Environmental Characteristics

Operating range -40°F to 221°F
Temperature resistance Stable @ 302ºF for 24 hours
Self Ignition 356° to 572°F
Energy output High-end # 8 Strength
Shelf life 5 years in good storage conditions
Water resistance 225psi | 24 hours


Electrostatic Discharge Resistance

Lead wires to case 11kV from a 500 picofarad capacitor
One lead to case 8kV from a 500 picofarad capacitor
Two leads-end 8kV from a 500 picofarad capacitor

Hazard classification

Proper Shipping Name Detonator, Electric
Hazard Classification UN 0456, Explosive Class 1.4S
Classification Canada Class 6 Division 3

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