Lead Free Series Electric Fusehead and Igniter


Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is a newly implemented European Union regulation, intended to force industries to replace the most hazardous chemicals with safer alternatives. The regulation is the most stringent law aimed at protecting people and the environment from thousands of toxic chemicals — legislation that will have a far-reaching effect on industries and products worldwide, including those in the United States.

In anticipation of the implementation of similar legislation in North America, Energetix Solutions has already implemented alternative specialty chemicals and leads the way in using environmentally friendly chemical alternatives

It is our intention to reduce health and safety hazards for our customers by eliminating exposure to lead and other heavy metals.

The N Series and S Series Lead-free Electric Igniters are highly adaptable and designed for enhanced safety, and reduced environmental contamination.


Several variations of firing characteristics, output charge, interface, cable or leadwire and overall configuration are available to best suit the specificity of the application. For more specific information or for other possible alterations, please request a detailed Data Sheets – Click here

Click here to see how the Lead Free Series Fusehead & Igniter performs

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