N Series Electric Fusehead and Igniter

The N Series Electro-Explosive devices are constructed on the basis of a patented and original fusehead design. A robust insulated base tin-copper waferboard structure provides excellent resistance to mechanical damage from vibration, shock or acceleration. The bridgewire is soldered very securely over a considerable length of the base, ensuring the integrity of the fusehead.

As a result of a very carefully controlled manufacturing process, the bridgewire resistance is very consistent, providing an unsurpassed reliability of the device.

Electrical Characteristics Range

The characteristics listed below represent the range of specifications of all the standard product types in the Series.

Bridgewire resistance 0.04 to 1.90Ω
All fire current (1) 0.37 to 7A
No fire current (2) 0.20 to 4.20A
Recommended current (3) ≥ 0.9 to 15A
Reaction time 2 to 6.7ms under 1 to 10A
Test current ≤10mA

(1) Minimum current which will activate the fusehead. Higher than 99.9% initiation with a 95% confidence level.
(2) Highest current which will not activate the fusehead. Less than 1% initiation with a 95% confidence level.
(3) Recommended current for in-series firing.

Environmental Characteristics

Operating range -40 to 221°F
Temperature resistance Stable @ 302ºF for 24 hours
Self Ignition 356° to 572°F
Energy output 50 to 200J
Shelf life 5 years in good storage conditions


Electrostatic discharge
25 kV from a 500 picofarad capacitor with a 5 KΩ resistor in series without firing (pin to pin). Pass electromagnetic radiation test.
Hazard classification

Proper Shipping Name Igniter, Electric
Hazard Classification UN 0454, Explosive Class 1.4S
Classification Canada Hazard Category PE4, Type of Explosive I / Catégorie de risque EP4, Type d’explosif I


Several variations of firing characteristics, output charge, interface, cable or leadwire and overall configuration are available to best suit the specificity of the application. For more specific information or for other possible alterations, please request a detailed Data Sheets. – Click here

Click here to see how the N Series Fusehead & Igniter performs.

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